Each arrangement below is available at the cost of one good deed inspired by this page - not something you did last week, we want NEW good deeds done as a result of this system. To receive an arrangement, complete one of the following:

  • Share one of my YouTube videos on social media or with someone in person
  • Do something to support another musician or artist
  • Do something nice for someone you know or for a complete stranger
  • Leave a donation of $5 or more to the "A" Guitar Community
  • Learn a previously received arrangement of mine in its entirety and send me some type of recording, either publicly or privately. Regardless of what you feel your skill level is, your guitar-playing will make my day :)

After completing your good deed let me know how you contributed through my contact page and I will email you your requested good deed arrangement.

PLEASE NOTE the following regarding receiving your arrangement:

  • Allow up to one month for delivery; I get to these as soon as I can
  • Have patience :) Do not comment on my YouTube videos or send another message asking where your arrangement is
  • This is a complete list of tab/sheet music I have available. If a piece is not on this list, I have not written it down and it is not available. As of 2019 I will no longer be writing down my arrangements, and instead will focus on video tutorials available to members of the "A" Guitar Community.

Now get out there and GOOD DEED!!!


Chuck Allred

Check out the Good Deed Reports at the bottom of this page to be inspired by the good deeds of others!!


Adventure Time - All Gummed Up Inside

Adventure Time - Everything Stays

Adventure Time - I'm Just Your Problem

Adventure Time - On a Tropical Island

Adventure Time - Remember You (Tab only)

Adventure Time - Slow Dance With You

Adventure Time - Time Adventure

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 1am

The Evil Within 2 - Making Your Way Home

In Flames - Moonshield (intro)