Each arrangement below is available at the cost of one good deed. To receive an arrangement, complete one of the following:

  • Share one of my YouTube videos on social media or with someone in person
  • Do something to support another musician or artist
  • Do something nice for someone you know or for a complete stranger
  • Leave me a donation of $5 or more
  • Learn a previously received arrangement of mine in its entirety and send me some type of recording, either publicly or privately. Regardless of what you feel your skill level is, your guitar-playing will make my day :)

After completing your good deed let me know how you contributed through my contact page and I will email you your requested good deed arrangement.

Chuck Allred


Adventure Time - All Gummed Up Inside

Adventure Time - Everything Stays

Adventure Time - I'm Just Your Problem

Adventure Time - On a Tropical Island

Adventure Time - Remember You (Tab only)

Adventure Time - Slow Dance With You

Adventure Time - Time Adventure

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 1am

The Evil Within 2 - Making Your Way Home

In Flames - Moonshield (intro)