This page is a tribute to Robert Guthrie. Mr. Guthrie's life as a classical guitar performer, composer, and teacher is a pure example of appreciating, studying, and sharing art on the highest of levels. His brilliance was matched only by his ability to put others before himself, and his astounding approach to the guitar made the kind way he treated people all the more impactful. In a world in which we are too often taught quantity over quality, style over substance, screaming rather than listening, Mr. Guthrie taught to focus only on what is most important, allowing all trivialities to fade away. His example was one of brutally hard work, unquenchable interest, conviction, humility, love, compassion, dedication, achievement, and willingness to help others however possible. Never have I known someone who put so much into the communication of their art, and yet stood completely out of the way of its message.

Below you will find links to Mr. Guthrie's recordings and performances, sheet music for his compositions, and other resources.

Complete recordings and live performances (playlist)

My favorite Mr. Guthrie stories

Chuck Allred plays music by Robert Guthrie (playlist)

Robert Guthrie Quotes


Sheet music for Mr. Guthrie's original compositions notated by Chuck Allred

Taos Suite (available for purchase at

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